Repair Team Policies

All repairs will be estimated by our team for parts and labor via email or over the phone. Approval by the customer must be obtained before work can begin. Estimates are NOT firm quotes. Prices are subject to change at any time, and customers will be notified to give/refuse approval if repair exceeds original estimate or budget restriction. Customers will be notified via email or over the phone upon completion.

All repairs will be given an estimation for time taken to complete. These are subject to change with notice if it will be done later than estimated. Last-Minute repairs will be subject to a Rush fee.

All pickups and dropoffs made by Omaits Music to individual customers are subject to delivery fees.

All invoices will be sent electronically to customer email addresses. Payments can also be made via the invoices.

Payment must be received in Full by Omaits Music before the instrument is returned to the customer. No Exceptions.

Schlub Brass Works Custom Instruments

Q: Why Schlub Brass Works?

A: George is an experienced master craftsman of brass instruments, with amazing dedication to quality and service. He’s known more as a trumpet maker, however I tried a trombone he made for his wife and I was absolutely blown away at the quality and ease of which I could play on this instrument. Because George is the only craftsman in the shop, he makes every instrument to order and at a much lower price than most boutique makers. Aside from this he offers lifetime repair warranties for all of his instruments.

Q: I’ve never had anything made custom. How does it work? How much control do I have?

A: George’s custom builds and designs cater to the individual musician. Tell us how you like to play, what styles you play (orchestral, jazz, lead, salsa, etc), and how you like your instrument to respond to you, and sound for the audience. George makes everything from raw sheet brass, nickel, silver, copper, etc. He will make an instrument tailor-made to YOU that we guarantee you won’t want to stop playing!

Q: How can I pay for this? Do you offer financing?

A: In short, Omaits Music has two policies for custom instrument payments. 1: Payment in full upfront. 2: 50% deposit down upfront, with remaining 50% paid before delivery/pickup of instrument.

Q: How long do I have to wait?

A: Typically, George takes 6-8 weeks depending on material availability and what the customer wants in their instrument. He has built horns in much less time, but 6-8 weeks is an average waiting period.

Q: What if I’m not happy with what has been made?

A: We work closely with each customer to make sure this never happens. Customers will play test the instrument before taking delivery so we can make adjustments as needed. We offer a lifetime repair and adjustment warranty for all of our custom instruments. If you take delivery of your instrument and want it tweaked later down the line, we will take care of it as part of your warranty.

Q: I want something radically custom made of Unobtainium!

A: Email me through the Contact page and discuss what you want done! Anything within the realm of physical possibility is able to be done! (Provided you have enough money!)

Q: Do you accept returns? Is there a trial period?

A: All used instrument sales are final. No returns or refunds of any kind once payment has been made.

Q: How can I spend money not knowing if it works for me or not?

A: Through email consultation, I can help you determine whether a particular used instrument can work for you. All instruments are sold as pictured/described on the page. I pride myself on honesty and making sure the product is represented properly.

Q: Why are there ding/scratches in some horns?

A: I sell customer consignments as-is, unless the buyer requests repairs done. I guarantee all instruments will be in playing condition as described/pictured. Instruments can be serviced by my shop for an extra fee, but are otherwise sold as-is. I list all dents, scratches, blemishes, etc. in the description of each instrument.

Q: Do you accept offers? Are prices negotiable.

A: This is determined in a case by case basis. I am bound by my client’s prices, so there is a limit. Low ball offers will be immediately denied

Used/Consignment Instrument Policies